Sprinkler Adjustment

Did you know that in the United States landscape irrigation consumes FIFTY percent or more of the water provided by many of our public utilities. Annual sprinkler system maintenance ensures that the water used in your irrigation system is being utilized to its full potential. Without proper maintenance, sprinkler systems can develop leaks as well as the zone coverage shifting, resulting in water going to parts of your landscape that isn’t intended.

Maintaining your irrigation system annually is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your water bill and waste water. Sprinkle maintenance can also help improve the overall appearance of your landscape by providing the correct amount of water needed to keep your plants happy and healthy!

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Many experts recommend that you check the performance of your sprinkler system at twice per year — which is exactly what our Annual Sprinkler System Maintenance program does! We will come out to your property in the Spring and start-up your irrigation system. We manually go through your sprinkler system’s zones and make sure all of the valves are operating correctly. Next, your clock and sprinkler system settings are adjusted to ensure your landscape is getting the proper amount of water.

In the Fall, we continue your Annual Sprinkler System Maintenance program by blowing out all of the excess water in your irrigation system. This prevents the cold weather from cracking your irrigation pipes! We also insulate your backflow prevention assembly unit, again, to protect it from the harsh weather!

Hands & Worry-Free Sprinkler System Maintenance

Our automated scheduling service takes the guess work out of your sprinkler system maintenance and backflow assembly testing. No more worrying about unknown repairs and expenses, broken pipes, or annual backflow testing — our Annual Sprinkler System Maintenance Program has your covered!