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Residential fire sprinklers are in greater demand today than ever before. Personal fire safety is such a trend that in many areas ordinances or resolutions require fire sprinklers on all new residential construction. Residential fire sprinkler systems help save lives and reduce property damage. However, from the water purveyor’s point of view, the residential fire sprinkler system presents a potential pollutant and/or contaminant source to the potable water system from cross-connections. Both homeowners and the public may be exposed to health hazards from residential fire sprinkler systems.

Such hazards include:

For these reasons and for the safety of you, your family, and your community, Fire Systems need to be evaluated for health and system hazards.

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Residential fire sprinkler systems are categorized as flow-through, combination, and closed fire protection systems. Each of these systems has their advantages and disadvantages. It should also be noted that what the local fire departments, local administrative authorities and water purveyors will determine which of these systems can be found in any particular jurisdiction. It is imperative that the water purveyor, local administrative authority, fire department, and other agencies coordinate their efforts in the design and operation of these systems.

Commercial & Residential Fire System Backflow Assembly Testing

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